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Adventurous? No

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Some people seem to have been born with what I call a “Why not?” spirit. They don’t look at all the angles and go through endless pro/con comparisons — they just give it a try.

I have never been one of these people. I mean, maybe to a small degree, but we’re talking so small that I don’t really remember it very well. The girl who performed a duet of “9 to 5” in front of her third grade class? Yeah, she’s long gone. Actually, she may be re-emerging at forty. Well, not exactly — no duets, thankyouverymuch — but I find myself caring about what people think and what might happen less and less. Or thinking about it and then going ahead anyway, which is just as good in my book. But I digress; there’s still a whole lot of “What will happen?!” swirling around in my head.

And now I present you with a shining example of how this kind of brain function can hold you back in even the most minute areas:


It never in a million years would have occurred to me to brew tea from fresh herb leaves. Dried? Of course, but that’s a lot of gathering and waiting, and my garden is not all that prolific. A couple of months ago, though, I read an article that mentioned a pot of fresh mint and lemon verbena leaves and was so amazed…and then immediately shocked that it had never occurred to me to just try some and see how it tasted. What’s the risk? Wasting a pot of water and a handful of mint? We have running water! I grow mint! It’s free!

So that’s what has been what passes for excitement at the end of a long day: I go out to the garden, slice off a few sprigs of mint, stuff them in a mason jar, and brew up something delicious. I’ve even thrown caution to the wind and added dried lemon verbena leaves [But what will happen? The recipe called for “fresh”!], and that’s extra zingy. Go nuts — add a bag of ginger tea to the mix! Also, as it turns out, I love the versatility of a mason jar. Who knew it made such a great cup?

Oh, what’s that you say? Everybody? Everybody knew? Well, how surprising.



The variety of carrot that we planted this past spring was supposed to be “petite”, but this seems kind of extreme. And when exactly are you supposed to harvest them? I think we’re well past prime time, and this is all we have to show for it. Also, it tastes terrible. Terrible and old.

All of this to say: The 2011 Garden is indeed tanking* [surprise!], and I’m not sure carrots grow well in this climate. Fellow gardeners, please pipe up and correct me if I’m wrong here; I can take it.



*But! The mint lives on!


And Then I’ll Stop About the Plants, Already (Maybe)

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Okay, but this was just so cool that I had to share:

It’s a “sculptural lemon scented geranium”, and I love it! Not only does it smell terrific, but it looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Now, I don’t have the best luck with houseplants, so fingers crossed, but I already feel like I NEED one for the kitchen, too. Ooh, I can just picture it!

In other green news, I harvested more than half a dozen sugary tomatoes over the weekend, and more are on the way. The sugary variety looks like a cross between a cherry- and a grape-tomato, and is delicious — totally lives up to the name. Unfortunately, one of the stalks broke on Saturday (boo!), but I applied a tourniquet (yes, really) and it seems to be holding up. Fingers crossed there, too. The cucumber vine is going insane, but I can’t tell if any of the fruit is actually going to make it. It’s a very intense time around here!