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Handmade in 2013

One of my key focuses this year is to use what I have [how original!]. Last night, I remember thinking that I needed to get a notebook and keep track of all of this year’s creations. This morning, I remembered that I have a blog. See? It’s working already!

  1. Owls (3)
  2. aqua skirt refashion
  3. Diaper Clutch
  4. Quilt #1
  5. Rag Quilt for Bridget
  6. Rag Quilt for Joey
  7. Monkey Business
  8. Tissue Covers (6)
  9. Elf Quilt
  10. Headbands (4)
  11. Snack Bags (8)
  12. napkins (8)
  13. handkerchiefs (4)
  14. apple gift bags (4)
  15. yoga waistband skirt (2)
  16. simple skirts (4)
  17. Cowboy Day skirt and tshirt
  18. Diaper Clutch #2
  19. Christmas Rag quilt
  20. Knit Flower Hair Clip
  21. Singed Flower Pin and Hair Clip
  22. Tea Party Dress (re-fashion)
  23. Quilt for Madalyn
  24. Bow Tie

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