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Spring to Finish: 2010

The first thing you may notice about this list is it’s utter ridiculousness.

There is no way that I’ll complete the whole thing by May 31. Still, it’s not wrong to hope…and it’s good for a laugh.

Now then:

  1. Marley’s quilt  finished 5/11
  2. Color bean bags w/Heather finished 4/28
  3. Alphabet bean bags w/Mom finished 5/11
  4. zig-zag quilt – monkeys
  5. zig-zag quilt – red/blue
  6. Baby I Do – cars
  7. teal and orange diamond quilt
  8. black and lime quilt top
  9. black and lime quilt [#s 8 & 9 are two separate projects]
  10. garage sale a dismal failure, might I add; 5/22
  11. charm square quilt top – monkey
  12. ladybug stroller quilt finished 5/11
  13. de-clutter sewing room
  14. clean up backyard
  15. finish planting herbs and veggies finished 4/22
  16. teacher gifts – mini-patchfolios (5) well, 4 out of 5; finished 5/25
  17. wood-framed mirror for entryway
  18. re-plant/go ahead and finally plant houseplants
  19. sun hat for Bridget
  20. graduation gifts

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