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Goodness! What a ridiculous couple of weeks it has been.

Long story short: The pre-Easter virus stretched halfway through the week, seemingly went away, and then returned in time to make Easter a little bit of a chaotic bust for half of the household.

The night before Easter, I realized that I hadn’t — how you say? — arranged for the Easter Bunny to stop by our place. Oh, oops.


Pinterest to the rescue! Whipped these up on the sly and added a couple of treats. The kids were happier than I thought they’d be, so that was a plus.

And lather, rinse, repeat. It just seems like the month of April has been swallowed by little upheavals and I’ve been more easily beset than usual (which is to say: completely off-track.) But we just keep moving forward, right? Yes!

My girl had a Fashion Show/Tea Party Day at her preschool this morning, and I just couldn’t bear to send her in the blasted red satin-y dress that she insists on wearing any time it appears in the closet. Sunday to church? Yes. Monday to Grandma’s? Sure. Thursday to school? By all means. I’ve given up on trying to convince her that it’s a little ridiculous, and I don’t care as much as I used to about people thinking I’m an idiot to let her out of the house that way. I’m all about choosing my battles. I’m also getting pretty good at choosing my weapons; in this case, a sundress. Apparently, sleeveless totally trumps satin.


I picked this skirt up at Old Navy about a year ago, on clearance, because it was long and pretty and my size. Turns out that it looks horrible on me, but I held onto it in case I had a change of heart. (You know how that goes.) No such luck, but I was pretty sure that I could turn it into a dress for the girl, since it came mid-calf on me.

011Voila! I cut off the top of the skirt — right about the lettuce ruffle edge — and finished the inner edge, which also secured the lining to the outer shell again. Then, I added about twelve rows of shirring. The rows should’ve been spaced further apart, but I only realized that after the first two were done, and well, that was two rows too late for me. Charge on! Lastly, I made straps out of the discarded skirt top, and there you go. Getting the straps placed correctly took about as much time as the whole rest of the process, but it still only took me a couple of hours. Truth be told, it’s a little on the short side, but it’s floaty and fancy and she was thrilled and it was free. Happiness all around!



Dressing a boy is not nearly as much work as dressing a girl. For one thing, the options are limited. Most of the time, I find this to be a good thing; no fuss, no muss. I can buy a stack of shirts and a stack of shorts at the beginning of the summer, and that’s all she wrote. Mix and match, my friend — it’s all good.

A couple of times a year, though, it’s a real pain. Want to find something fancy for your little girl? Pick a store, any store! You may not be wild about the selection, but you’re sure to be overwhelmed by the choice. Thinking about sprucing up the young man (without turning him into Little Lord Fauntleroy, which will hit you in the pocketbook and is doing him no favors I’m just saying)? Well, good luck to ya. You might find a few outfits, but I’m not a huge fan of “outfits”. Could I just get a tie? Maybe one that’s not blue striped?

I will say that I managed to find a couple at Children’s Place [think I was lying about the blue striped thing?], but the one I picked online doesn’t match the sweater I picked out. Also, much to my secret delight, he said he’d rather have a bow tie. Well!

Once again, a big thank you to you crafty sisters out there. I found this tutorial yesterday, and cranked this out immediately:


Pretty hip with the t-shirt, don’t you think?

Anyway, I was thrilled with how this turned out. (It’s the little things.) I can’t wait to make more, although I’m not sure how many he’ll need. Still! The only things I did differently were to use the machine instead of hand-stitching; pressing in a 1/4″ fold on each of the long sides of the neck-band rather than stitching and then turning it, because I go crazy when I have to turn narrow tubes like this; and when attaching the second piece of Velcro, I just folded the unfinished edge to the top — tucking it under the Velcro — so that it gets caught in the stitching when you attach the Velcro. [If you have any questions about any of that, just leave a comment and I’ll try to explain it more clearly.]

Isn’t it nice when something comes together quickly and easily? Celebrate the moment, friends!

All Over the Place

I’ll tell you what: as much as I dislike March, I’m torn over how to feel about it being so close to the end already. What is going on?!

Is Easter really next week? So, there’s only a half-week of school coming up? Really?

It’s all a bit much to process. Do I still have time to make a Spring/Easter wreath? Is it worth it?

Do I even care about making one anymore? I think the question points toward an obvious answer….


On top of that, my friends keep having babies, and even grandbabies (talk about hard to process!), and the “get this done now” clock in my head was just buzzing louder and louder until I finished up the squares for this quilt, which steamrolled its way right to the top of the list. Oh, but the relief of having it that much closer to done. Totally worth throwing closet cleaning to the back burner…except now the clock in my head it buzzing over that! Whatever. It’s always something.

But I digress — back to Easter. Which is, I say again, next week. Now, in a rare move, I actually managed to get my kids their duds before Good Friday (which really doesn’t seem like it should be the unofficial Easter finery shopping day, you know?), and I love this little dress.

Except for that tacky little daisy:


Yeah, we can do better than that. A little fancy fabric, a little candlelight, and voila:


I salvaged the button from the original flower, and just love love love this version. (I basically used this beautiful tutorial as my guide. Thank you, Autum!) Granted, it still needs to have the pin attached — and the button, for that matter — but it’s as good as done. In fact, the glue gun is already out, thanks to yesterday’s crazy tangent project, but that’s a story for another day. As you can see, I even made a second flower for Little Fancy’s hair. I’m on a roll!

Things are happening, friends. The quilt squares from the beginning of the tale? They are already down, stitched, and basted onto the rest of their little quilt sandwich. Happening, I say!

Easter Fun [Pintastic!]

Sure, none of our kids “need” new Easter baskets or one more bunny, but I couldn’t help it! Once I saw these buckets (although now I can’t remember where I first spied them, but they made their way to my Pinterest* board somehow) and hand puppets, well, what choice did I have? Especially seeing as how I had all of this pretty scrapbook paper amongst my supplies, not to mention the fabric for the bunnies.

Actually, I didn’t have any of the fabric called for in the bunny tutorial, but improvised by using fleece for the body/ears and knit remnants for the inner ear accents and tails. [Bridget took one look at the polka dot  ear pieces and said, “What are you making with my shirt?” That girl has a memory for pattern — she outgrew that shirt over a year ago!] As a result, these bunnies are decidedly more floppy than the originals, for sure. I’m okay with that. Let’s face it: The six-year-olds are about five minutes away from being “too old” for this kind of thing, and I’ll be happy to have cheaped out when these begin their new lives as the cutest Swiffers you’ve ever seen.

I also managed to make some lemonade — in the form of a tried and true skirt — out of last year’s failed Easter dress attempt. Just cut off the bodice and started fresh. I even had enough of the same fabric left over to make a matcher for my niece. Bonus!

Hope your weekend was filled with lots of fun. Now, back to work!


*If you’re looking for more “I will do that!” inspiration, check out the monthly Pinterest to Real Life round-up on Simple Organic. Love it!