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Friends! It’s been such a crazy month! Anyone who knows me well knows that I like a lot of empty space on my calendar, but that seems to be a thing of the past. It feels like we’ve never been busier, and yet…it’s not all that busy. You know? It just feels like there are a lot of hours each week where I do nothing but spin my wheels. Which is strange, considering that so many more of my hours are spent without my small people around. The thing is — and I think any parent learns this pretty quickly — the kids are so much more independent in some ways, which is terrific, but require a whole different kind of attention and energy as they get older. By the way, that’s just an observation, not a complaint. I actually dig this stage much more than the toddler one (as much as I miss my little babies *sniff*), but it’s not without its challenges. Anyway, my point in all this is that some days, I don’t even know what I accomplished.

I know that I was busy, but with what?

Also, I have found that whole hours and then days get sucked away, and I feel no further ahead. Away with that! I’ve put some new goals in place for myself, and am already excited by the results. (We’re on Day 3.) In addition, I’ve decided to dedicate this month to tackling the Little Things.

You know — Little Things. The stuff that sits on the edges of the to-do list week after week and doesn’t ever seem to make it to “to-done”. And then, when you finally get after it, it takes mere minutes. I am DROWNING in Little Things!

Today, for example, I had some copies that needed to be made, and a package that has been sitting on the table in the front hall waiting to be returned. A box filled with a product that made me so mad when it broke, I came the closest in my life of actually being rude to a help desk rep (because years of being on the other end of that line makes you exceedingly forgiving…to a point) and argued to no avail that they should replace my busted item immediately rather than wait for the standard return/replace process. I need it now! But no. So I begrudgingly took my RMA number and left it to sit, gathering dust, for at least two weeks. Probably more; I don’t want to know. Anyway, today that stuff got done. Now, that’s saying something, considering the first time I went to the UPS Store, they were not open on time, so I had to make a second trip. Yes, that’s right — I didn’t make that second trip two more weeks from now. I did it today!

I also threw together a delicious salad for lunch in less than ten minutes, rather than go the gnaw-on-a-hunk-of-bread route, which counts as its own little victory. Little Things!



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  1. Yay for tackling the little things! I have needed to buy stamps for two weeks… ridiculous. I’m knocking that one out after I get my hair cut this afternoon.


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