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This and That [Photos Not Included]

I couldn’t just let Pi Day go by without wishing you a happy one. Hope you nerds celebrated in style! We feasted on chicken turnovers for dinner, followed by Apple Pie Pops.

Here’s a tip I’ll give you for free: When the recipe says to seal the edges, go ahead and crimp them twice for good measure. I had a couple of oozers, but most of them turned out just fine. Tasty little two-bite pie!

While we’re on the subject of treats on sticks, I made a few of these for the shower on Saturday (but my cookies were star-shaped.) And here’s another tip: Pack your patience before you start trying to insert the sticks into the dough, and just go ahead and patch the back for good measure, even if it looks like it’ll hold. I about lost my mind trying to get them to work, but in the end every one of them baked up nicely and stayed on its stick — we’ll list that in the “success!” column. Oh, and don’t be skimpy when you roll out the dough; you want it to be a good 1/4-inch thickness.

In other tasty dessert news, this is my new favorite frosting recipe (the chocolate version, specifically.) Glorious Treats is a new-to-me blog, but I’ll definitely be going back when I get a minute to check out her other recipes.

On a lighter but still delicious note, please try this super good Balsamic Vinaigrette on your next salad. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve whipped up this dressing since stumbling upon the recipe a couple of months ago — many jars — and it still hasn’t lost its flavor-of-the-month status. Swirling that crushed clove of garlic around just makes it!  I’m pretty sure that I’ve almost figured out how to doctor it up to resemble my other favorite dressing, which is what passes for exciting around here.

Sorry for the lack of mediocre pictures to go along with all of these tasty links, but the batteries in my camera ran out of juice and we’re actually out of AAs. Imagine my surprise when I went to the cupboard for more, and found only one replacement floating amongst a sea of … 9 volts? Who has a bunch of 9 volts lying around?

That would be us, the same crew gleefully celebrating Pi Day.


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  1. Those were some tasty pies! I told Mike that everyone I ran into yesterday gave me a yummy meat filled pie…which is to say, you and mom…

    And to answer your question….your husband. Your husband has a bunch of nine volts lying around.


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